A profound way to contribute to the shift towards a Regenerative Economy — Part 3

Embracing a new role

As stated before, there is a need for us to change we approach and work on change.

To summarize so far, the current tendency is to lead change from the (who holds wisdom and transmits it to others involved in the desired change) or from a behavioral approach (establishing disincentives and/or a rewarding environment to move a group of people or a system towards a desired state). Instead, in order for change to happen in a profound and meaningful way, it is fundamental that we approach it from a different paradigm, one that connects authentically with systems´potential, enabling co-evolution for individuals, organizations, Earth and community, simultaneously.

To embrace a new way of living and working, from living systems thinking, implies destabilizing our undertsanding, and shifting to a role that allows development for everyone involved.

Photo by Timo Stern on Unsplash

This new role is focused on to discern and actualize the contributions we each can make through regenerating-life processes. This is precisely the work of a .

The Regenerative Educator aims to serve all in an economic system — including natural systems. She tends relationships to become authentically connected to Living Systems, while developing of these so that they transform the way of relating in order to contribute to meaningful processes for the of the system(s) in which they are embedded.

TREC-CDMX. Developmental process for Entrepreneurs, supported by DUIT Corporation.

To be able to design regenerative educational processes, first we need to enable ourselves to see, connect and think differently[*] starting from increasing our capability to examine and discern what is sourcing our thinking, strategies and actions.

In writing this article, I invited a few colleagues actively engaged in increasing their capabilities as regenerative educators to make possible the arising of a new economy, to observe and journal about their experience in this way of working.

[*] Interested in developing your capabilities as a Regenerative Educator? Reach out to engage in a .

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Sidney Cano

Towards a New Economy / CIO @Grupo DUIT (Latam) /Transformative Investment / Boards of Advise / Entrepeneurial Spirit / Innovation