A profound way to contribute to the shift towards a Regenerative Economy — Part 4

A new way to organize for the emergence of a regenerative economy

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Let´s dive deeper into a point made earlier — the shift towards Regenerative Economy requires all social actors (not just those institutions and individuals directly involved in modeling the economy or financial dynamics, or the decision-makers in governments or chambers of private industry) to be able to think and act from a regenerative paradigm.

This requires the in societies and organizations, opening up new levels of decision-making power. This new approach aims to deeply change the way we live and work in order to set up economic dynamics that regenerate the placeswe inhabit.

This approach also implies a new way to organize for the emergence of a regenerative economy: organizing from a more profound interrelation of all stakeholders involved, in order to generate creative processes from a higher order thinking.

Figure 2. Involve all participants in society. (Adapted from The Regenerative Life: Transform any organization, our society, and your destiny).

To illustrate this, I’ll share an example from my experience: For years, our holding company DUIT had been working in silos: in the for-profit realm, we were engaging with companies and entrepreneurs, but separately from investors; and in the non-profit sector, we’d engage with the NGOs.

After we realized the importance of the interrelationships in the System , it was a total breakthrough and shifted completely the way we work, and our effectiveness. Through developmental processes, we´ve transformed ourselves and our company to concentrate energies and work in generating guidelines for transformational investment in the different business endeavors as means toward contributing to stronger and healthier communities.

A developmental approach for deep-meaningful-change in our economies calls us to break with current widely spread tendencies, and work on awakening the in each and all of us, to contribute to the manifestation of contributing process for the aliveness of the Systems we are found in. (Figure 3).

Figure 3. A developmental approach for deep-meaningful-change towards a regenerative economy.

Didi Pershouse’s experience working in illustrates this way of working. Her story shows how the potential in systems as a whole that can be brought to life and have greater effects by embracing the role of a Regenerative Educator:


I thank the collaborative exploration of Karryn Olson and Didi Pershouse; and members for the support they provided in the writing of this article.


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Sidney Cano

Towards a New Economy / CIO @Grupo DUIT (Latam) /Transformative Investment / Boards of Advise / Entrepeneurial Spirit / Innovation