Investing from a Regenerative Mind

Photo by Jordan McDonald on Unsplash

A shift to a regenerative level of paradigm implies much more than a simple change in investment strategy. It actually requires a change in how people think about and understand their experience of the world. It also requires a change in aspiration and orientation toward the work of investment, because regeneration asks people to invest themselves, not just their capital assets. Taken together, this means that it requires developing what we call a regenerative mind.

Fig. 1 Do-good level of difference

Redefining impact in terms of systems actualization requires a different orientation to investment. For one thing, it requires looking at systems as wholes rather than as pieces and parts, and it requires understanding the ways that systems are nested one within another. Also, it starts from the nature of a system and asks how it is to evolve, rather than starting from what we want to do to it.

Fig. 2 Regenerative level of difference



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