Interested in Regeneration? — Part 3

Sidney Cano
2 min readNov 23, 2020

Deep change requires more than knowledge. It takes ongoing inner work to engage in and with life differently.

Let´s set us for a meaningful and deep change process… This calls us to engage in a developmental path: to evolve our capacity to contribute to vitality, viability and evolution of a Living Systems.

When you allow change at the level of personal experience, you become a better instrument for Change in the systems in which you’re embedded. (As my friend Ana Gabriela Robles and I stated in a playful, but meaningful way: It is not about you, but it is always personal (doing personal inner-work). You allow yourself to embrace change and uncertainty as a characteristic part of your way of working, enabling you to increase your ability to respond to what´s required of you to make real transformative contributions to Life on the Planet.

It is all about how you choose to put in practice a new way of living, rather than intellectualizing techniques, methods, or models.

Deep change requires more than knowledge. It takes ongoing inner work to build the capability to evolve oneself and engage in and with life differently.

Are you still interested in this new way of living?

If you are interested in shifting to living from this paradigm, I would recommend that you read Carol´s book The Regenerative Life[1]. However, deep change does not happen while reading and absorbing “ideas”, nor by trying to understand others’ experiences.

If you are serious about working at the Regenerative level, it is my strong advice that you engage in one of our developmental communities — english & spanish — (change agents, CEO´s thinking development, regenerative entrepreneurs communities, regenerative business development, shifting to regenerative effect level of investment, and more). Want to know more about these communities? Please feel free to reach out HERE and ask about them.

I thank my dearest friends: Carol Sanford, Ben Haggard, and Tim Murphy for everything I continue to learn in this Regenerative way of living I have chosen and the potential effects of transformation we are able to experience while working on manifesting an Economy for Life.

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[1] 2020. Sanford. The regenerative life.

Note: I appreciate all help I got to write this article, specially to Beatrice Ungard, Stacey Sude and Janet Macalusso for their fine collaboration.

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