Interested in Regeneration? — Part 2

Image by Curioso Photography @Curioso.Photography —

Moving up to a different way of Being in the world

Shortly after I started my career as a businesswoman, I realized I had a strong belief that businesses should be a means to raise up society and grow healthy communities. So when we formed the Holding company, I convinced my partners it was relevant to start working — along with some of the CEOs of our companies — on making clear the real profound Direction of our entire Business Group.

Re-shaping the Way We Work

As I mentioned before, from the moment we realized we were meant to have greater effects in our communities´ wellbeing, we needed to make a commitment to change ourselves. We needed to shift completely away from old paradigms from which we were sourcing our ideas and business activities to seeing everything / everyone as Alive — and to start living from the Regenerate Life Paradigm.

Image — Ocean Life by Beth Pierce



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Sidney Cano

Sidney Cano


Towards a New Economy / CIO @Grupo DUIT (Latam) /Transformative Investment / Boards of Advise / Entrepeneurial Spirit / Innovation