Are we ready for a quantum leap in the transformation of the Economy?

Sidney Cano
2 min readOct 16, 2023


Maybe… I am convinced that it is time! And we can develop our capacity to respond and be part of a quantum shift towards a new Economy.

I do NOT have a dream! On the contrary, in all consciousness I see humanity has the opportunity to take the next step in “the era of regeneration”, to manifest the unique role we -as a species- have in the emergence of Economies of Life.

An Economy of Life is ultimately founded on the regenerative capacity of Living Systems, and on realizing the appropriate and meaningful role all living beings (including us) have in contributing to the capacity of the Systems (every place where we are) to be generating genuine Wealth. — Cano, S. (2023).

So, in pursuing to change what is happening in the world, attention is called to transform our own capacity to participate consciously, in a unique and contributive way, to the inherent evolutionary capacity of Life… allowing a healthy and abundant succession of life on our planet.

How do we “get ready”?

I believe that to make a significant difference (a quantum leap) we must move beyond directing outer changes, and instead invest in continuously increasing our capacity to live and work consciously in a partnership of mutualistic development: Earth and human communities.

The Regenerative Economy Community (TREC) has been created with the intention of bringing to the different Agents of transformation of the Economy a technology and community that nurtures and sustains their developmental processes, for All to thrive in their endeavors.

Click here and be part of this conscious and developmental movement!

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· [Note: This Article is the result of the adaptation of a video-conversation I recently had with friends and colleagues in the context of Transformative Investments. Oct 2023].

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